Thread and colour, my tools. Expressed as knits in linen.

Keeping knitting alive, merging it with the modern, is incredibly inspirational. Right from the age of 5, when a beautiful box of embroidery threads was given to me, yarn and everything you can do with it has been an endless source of fascination. 

I am obsessed with the thread and see the infinite potential it has in terms of beauty and strength. Knitting has become my way of using thread for the wealth of variation it provides in colour, design and texture.

I have introduced a linen yarn, which knits up beautifully on knitting machines as well as by hand. Kalinka, produced by Holma Helsingland, is available in 24 shades.

In 2013, I launched a new quality called Kalinka 41, a mixture of linen and cotton and in 2015 I launched Kalinka 21, a mixture of linen and wool.

Apart from making garments, I am trying to promote knitting as a handwork skill well worth preserving.Through repeat workshops, shows and courses.